Add a little rustic elegance to your table this Thanksgiving

with this easy DIY centerpiece.

Hello there!

The week of Thanksgiving if finally upon us! This year, it felt like it took forever to get here, but soon the Turkey or Tofurky will be placed in the oven, and friends and family will be on their way.  As you prepare for all the festivities of the day, don’t forget to add a little rustic elegance with this easy DIY centerpiece.

This centerpiece captures a rustic neutral feel that I just adore, while providing a touch of elegance to the table with all the little gold accents. And, what Thanksgiving centerpiece is complete without some pumpkins? This year, change it up a bit and opt to use some white pumpkins with hints of gold.

If you would like to create this centerpiece for yourself continue reading…

What You Will Need:

  • Wooden Box- Amazon
  • Floral Foam Brick- Michaels
  • Clear Candle Votives – TJ Maxx
  • Mini White Pumpkins (varying sizes) – Amazon
  • Metallic Gold Paint – Michaels
  • Eucalyptus Branch Greenery – Michaels
  • Golden Bare Branch Stem – Michaels
  • Golden Pine Cones –Michaels
  • Golden Eucalyptus & Berries Accent –Michaels
  • Hot Glue Gun

Feel free to add your personal flair to the centerpiece by swapping some of the items listed above for other accents!


How To:

 The first thing you will need to do is create a nice base for the floral to sit on in the wooden box. Use a knife to shape the floral foam to fit into the dimensions of the wooden box you purchased. You want to make sure the floral foam creates a nice platform but, make sure that the floral foam is about 1″or so from the top of the wooden frame. Once your foam is nicely placed in the wooden box, we will begin to work on our pumpkins.

For this centerpiece, I purchased white pumpkins, so I would simply need to add the gold touches. That being said, if you want to stick to the look I created above but do not have access to white pumpkins, you can purchase other pumpkins and paint them white prior to adding the gold accents.

To make these gold embellished pumpkins, start by brushing the metallic gold paint around the base of the stem of the pumpkin.


Then, use your brush to go from the stem of the pumpkin down the side in a sweeping motion to spread the paint and thin it out, giving it an ombre effect. Repeat this motion around the arches of the pumpkin. Do not worry about where each stroke of the brush ends.

Once you are done, put the pumpkins aside to dry.


Next, you are going to take your greenery, branches and pine and cut them into smaller, separate pieces. For instance, the green eucalyptus comes with multiple stems all connected in one bunch. You will need to separate each stem so they are easier to work with.

Now is the final step, positioning and securing all the little accents into the wooden box.  Begin by planning where you want the candles to be placed and how you would like the pumpkins to be positioned throughout the area. You can lay some pumpkins next to each other or have them tilted, propped up upon a candle or the edge of the frame. The choice is up to you! Once you like the look, secure the pumpkins by gluing them to the candles and wooden frame.

 Begin to place the greenery where you feel it looks best. Once you ensure the leaves are nicely arranged, glue a few of the leaves to the base to keep them in the position you prefer. The last details you will add are the little gold accent pieces which help build dimension to the piece. Make sure to cover all parts of your green floral foam.


To enhance this centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table, use a burlap runner, scattering candles and small white & gold pumpkins down the runner.

I hope this post inspired you to make your own centerpiece this Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!